Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Taubman Company & The Mall at Oyster Bay

Taubman is currently working in New York to build The Mall at Oyster Bay. Their objective with this project is to attract more tourists and to create a new business that will bring revenue and jobs to Nassau County.  The projection for the mall at Oyster Bay is that it will create, in the short term, over 5500 high paying retail and construction jobs, generate $50 million dollars in new tax revenue and provide a much needed boost to the Nassau County economy.

Working in tandem with Taubman, Tusk Strategies with BradleyTusk is helping them to enter this new market. Together, Tauman and Tusk Strategies are navigating the local political pressures, labor negotiations, regulatory requirements, community relations needs, public relations needs and more.

Once built, the Mall at Oyster Bay will become the very first major shopping center built on Long Island in over 40 years.  It is slated to be built on a reclaimed industrial site and will be the only shopping center that has access along the Long Island Expressway. The long term result will be the creation of 2000 permanent jobs. The Taubman Company started working in the area more than 15 years ago and they have had a plan for the development of this unique mall since that time.  With the backing of many in the area, and the assistance of Tusk Strategies and Bradley Tusk, they hope to make this dream a reality soon.