Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Chelsea Piers for a Great Day of Sports Fun

Bird's eye view of the Chelsea Piers. Photo courtesy Groovio
Whether you live in New York, or are just visiting, Chelsea Piers has something for you. Known as the city’s playroom, Chelsea Piers offers a vast array of sports programs, daily activities, and great ways to simply have fun.

Not ready to commit to an ongoing sports class or league? Then just experience the Pier’s drop-in activities. The following activities are available regularly:

Adult Gymnastics
Batting Cages
Health Club Day Pass- including pool
Ice Skating
Open Basketball; Hockey; Soccer
Adult and Youth Rock Climbing
Spa and Salon
Adult and Teen Parkour
Toddler Gym

Believe it or not, that is not an exhaustive list.

The facility covers over 1.2 million square feet on a series of re-purposed piers along the Hudson River on Manhattan’s West Side at 23rd Street.

Looking to play your day away? Chelsea Piers is the place to do it.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Retirees Rejoin Workforce in NYC, Lend Expertise

Senior wellness, rehabilitation and housing are rising sectors throughout the United States. In NYC alone, the senior population is expected to increase by 400,000 over the next 13 years, reaching 1.93 million. Homes, rehabilitation centers and other facilities for the elderly, such as Dry Harbor Nursing Home, work to provide their seniors with the healthcare, attention and activities they need to ensure continuous quality of life, and now New York City’s Department for the Aging is putting another plan in place to support this goal: employment. 

Hoping to recruit 175 retired New Yorkers, the department’s Civic Engagement Program will match retirees with a number of agencies who will assign participants with six to nine month projects in a wide range of fields. 

Caryn Resnick of the Department for the Aging explained: “This program provides retirees with an opportunity to give back to their city by using the skills and knowledge they have gained through their professional careers.”

Dawn Mastoridis, national marketing director of recruiting firm ReServe Inc., said: “We don’t have any problem finding reservists, particularly in New York City,” referring to qualified retirees like former CEOs, experienced school administrator and HR gurus who will return the workforce.
The reservists will be involved in a wide range of projects, ranging from data, cost and medical record analysis to health and exercise programs for people with arthritis, diabetes and hypertension.  

Friday, July 14, 2017

Channel Gardens is a Magical New York Flowering Island

Most people don’t think of gardens when they think of New York City, but one of the most surprising things about the big Apple is how many hidden gardens there are throughout the city, even in the most densely built up areas.

One of the several promenade fountains at Rockefeller Center created by Rene Chambellan - photo courtesy of the family of Rene Chambellan
One of my favorite places smack dab in midtown are the Channel Gardens at Rockefeller Center. What is especially lovely about the gardens is that the flowers and shrubs on display are constantly changing with the seasons. In the early spring you can expect to see gorgeous blankets of tulips blooming, while in the fall there might be a weeping willow forest to greet you.

The gardens are found among the 14 commercial buildings found on the west side of Fifth Avenue, in the middle of the 200-foot plaza promenade. The beautiful gardens surround six granite pools of water, each adorned with a bronze-cast fountainhead sculptures. The sculptures are of mythological creatures, designed by renowned sculptor Rene Paul Chambellan.

The sunken plaza is watched over by the bronze gilded sculpture of Prometheus, by Paul Manship. At the foot of the plaza at Fifth Avenue is Atlas, by Lee Lawrie.

If you can come visit now, be sure to take note of the tropical 8-foot-high custom dragonfly floating above the bromeliads. In winter, around the time of the holidays, you will sparkling bands of red ribbons encircling the green shrubs connecting the lovely holiday angels, which were designed in 1954 by Valerie Clarebout.

Anytime you come is the right time. Don’t miss this extraordinary New York experience.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Rooftop Cinema is Just the Ticket this Summer

New York is full of surprises. Here’s something new that sounds like a fantastic way to spend a wonderful New York evening: Rooftop Cinema Club.

Just imagine a typical hot, sticky New York summer day. Your work day is over, and you just need to relax, but not more indoor recreation with stuffy artificial air conditioning and more of those burdensome four walls enclosing you. No, you want the great outdoors, the cool breezes off the river, the amazing site of New York’s incredible skyscrapers, and a great movie to relax your mind.

NY Sunset courtesy of
Sounds good, right? Well this is what Rooftop Cinema is all about. At their two great locations in Williamsburg and Midtown Manhattan you climb to the roof, settle down in a deck chair with some popcorn, bubbles and in in the case of the Midtown location, a lovely mixed drink, and watch the sunset and then a great movie. Purchase the “Rooftop Love Seat” ticket and you get a double deck chair, unlimited popcorn and bubbles, so bring someone you like along.

What movies are on the program for this summer? Here’s a partial list:

•    Vertigo
•    Hidden Figures
•    Lion
•    American Psycho
•    Moonlight
•    Raider of the Lost Ark
•    Top Gun
•    The Big Lebowski

And that’s just in June!

The two locations:

•    Midtown Manhattan: YOTEL (570 Tenth Avenue)
•    Brooklyn: East Williamsburg’s OfficeOps (57 Thames Street)

Monday, May 1, 2017

Magnetic New York: A Guide to the Greatest City in the World

In case you have been living on a deserted island for the past, let’s say, 40 years, you know that New York has been getting better in every category that makes a city great, despite many apparent setbacks along the way. More people want to live here than ever before; crime is at historic lows; the art and fashion worlds are booming here; movies and TV shows are being made here again; the foodie culture is rejoicing as restaurants are popping up in parts of town that no sane person would have even visited 25 years ago; and I’m sure we can list much more.

1873 Map of New York
This wondrous transformation is easier to see from the outside. New Yorkers are born with a deeply ingrained cynicism which can often make it hard to see the good that is all around them. Well, here is a book for them. Magnetic City: A Walking Companion to New York, by Justin Davidson, reveals the city’s current state in the greater context of its history and eternal cycles of decay, change, and renewal.

The book takes eight different areas: the Financial District, the Seaport and the Brooklyn waterfront, the World Trade Center, West Chelsea and the High Line, 42nd Street, the Upper West Side, upper Manhattan’s Sugar Hill and the South Bronx; and uses these to show New York’s remarkable ability to be reborn after decades of either crisis, catastrophe or simple irrelevance.

Davidson discusses the shocking comeback New York made after such unprecedented events as the September 11 attacks; Hurricane Sandy; the financial disaster of 2008; and other crazily significant events that did not destroy, but rather made New York better.

For anyone who loves New York City, this is a book that will validate and strengthen that love, and you’ll learn plenty along the way.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Free New York! Making Culture Available to All

New York has been recognized for decades as one of the world’s great cities. One of the things that makes it great is the easy access there is to amazing cultural, often for free or a minimal cost. Here are a few of our favorite affordable and life enhancing quintessential New York experiences.

Picture by Allie Caulfield

  • The Museum of Modern Art is one of the world’s most visited museums, for good reason. People come to see MoMA’s permanent and rotating collections which include masterpieces by Monet, Matisse and much more. The good news is that on Fridays, from 4pm to 8pm there is no entrance fee, courtesy of the Japanese clothing company UNIQLO. Come early, as you can imagine as the night progresses the crowds grow.
  • The Brooklyn Botanic Garden opens its doors to the public for free on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10am to 12 pm, and a few other special days throughout the year, for absolutely no charge. The garden is located in Prospect Park, and has an amazing Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden, a wonderful Cherry Esplanade, a Shakespeare Garden, and Cranford Rose Garden, and many others.
  • The Federal Reserve Bank offers a free one hour tour which is mind boggling. Travel down five stories below street level to get a glimpse of the largest stash of gold reserves in the world: 7,000 tons worth. You learn all about how the Federal Reserve System works, and come away feeling enlightened about a topic that can be as confusing as it is important. The tours are popular, so you might need to reserve your place as much as 30 days in advance, but don’t miss this fun New York experience.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Ice Has Never Been Like This: Check Out the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival

You can still participate in the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival. This great winter celebration is in its 120th year, and features some amazing massive ice sculptures that will blow your mind. Most remarkable, however, is the huge ice palace, built with the efforts of 100 inmates of the nearby prison. This celebration of winter is unique, and its worth the drive from the city. Check it out in this video. The Celebration continues through February 12.