Sunday, March 6, 2016

Spring Means Free Events in the Big Apple

Children watching the St. Patrick's Day Parade.
Photo by jpmpinmontreal
There is surely no shortage of great things to do this March, absolutely free! Here are just a few:

Head of Passes is the name of a contemporary drama based on the biblical Book of Job. The story concerns the difficulties of an African-American family in the South, and will be performed at the new Public Theater at 425 Lafayette Street in Manhattan, between East 4th Street and Astor Place. As part of the theater’s own initiative to make theater more accessible to the community, there will be a lottery to win free tickets to the opening performance of Head of Passes on March 15. Beginning on March 8 tickets to the show will be available.

On March 17 the traditional, yearly, St. Patrick’s DayParade will take place. Whether you are Irish or not, it is great fun to participate in what is likely the oldest (launched in 1762) and largest parade of its kind in the world. Marchers begin their foray through the city at 44th Street and Fifth Avenue at 11am. It’s all over at 79th Street, at between 4:30 and 5:00pm.

Ever wonder what role women played in the development of blues, rock ‘n’ roll, and pop culture in general? Now is your chance to learn about this fascinating subject absolutely free at the Apollo Theater on March 24th. Tamar-kali will host the discussion which will focus on Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith and others. RSVP is required.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Central Park Hosting Ice Festival and Silent Disco Party

Naumberg Bandshell in Central Park
This is one of those very special events that helps give New York City is reputation as an outlandish/anything goes avant garde place. In honor of Valentine’s Day, the Park has organized for the past five years a way for New Yorkers to celebrate their love of Central Park.

Come to the Naumberg Bandshell and Mall, mid-park, from 66th to 72nd Streets, and watch the most incredible expert artists brandish chainsaws, chisels, and ice picks and carve out of 3 tons of blocks of ice temporary sculptures evoking one of Central Parks iconic images.

By the time the sun sets the sculptures will be completed. Colored lights will be lit, and another, even more amazing party will begin. DJs will start playing their and your favorite songs, while the party-goers are listening only via headphones. This activity is one you will not forget for a long time to come.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Sculpture of Picasso: A Must See at MoMA

Winter is a great time to re-acquaint yourselves with the treasures that are New York's museums. If you haven't been to MoMA for a while, now would be the perfect time for a visit.

On exhibit until February 7 is a fabulous collection of some of Picasso's pivotal works in three dimensions. The exhibit is the first such museum showing in almost 50 years.

During Picasso's long career as an artist who changed the history of art, he constantly devoted himself to working in three dimensions. He experimented with unconventional materials and techniques, while also turning to more traditional styles.

Goat Sculpture by Picasso. Photo by  Dan McKay
Picasso's relationship to sculpture was different than his relationship to painting. He was formally trained as a painter, and made his living as one, and he spent much of his time in this pursuit. Sculpture was much more personal for Picasso. He was less afraid to experiment in this medium, and in many ways could express a more personal side of himself through his sculpture.

In 1966 Picasso displayed a huge sampling of his artwork through his grand retrospective held in Paris, Hommage à Picasso. Only during that showing was the public made fully aware of his connection to three dimensional art. One year later the Museum of Modern Art put together "The Sculpture of Picasso, which until the current show, was the only exhibition in North America which displayed such a large amount of this artist's sculptures.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

NYBG is Great in Winter, Too!

Entrance of the New York Botanic Garden, Bronx, New York City; Photo by Anthony22 
The New York Botanical Garden is getting ready for their 125th anniversary, and you won’t want to miss it! Here is a short list of the upcoming events the NYBG is planning to make this year better than ever.
  • Holiday Train Show- This event has been underway since November 21st, but you still have plenty of time to enjoy the model trains as they travel through a beautiful reproduction of the New York City landscape with over 150 landmarks to astound you. This year the show features 3,000 square feet of additional exhibition space with almost a half mile of track. You have until January 18 to enjoy this very special display.
  • Bar Car Nights-Enjoy exclusive evenings of cocktails and holiday entertainment for the over 21 crowd. There will be ten events held between November and January, with live performances, ice sculpting, and fire spinning, as well as the train display, and more.
  • Celebrating the NYBG: 125 Years- Enjoy the photographs of Larry Lederman in the Ross Gallery from November to July 31, 2016. Lederman has been photographing the Garden for 13 years. His photos will astound you, taken in all seasons and all times of day and night.
  • Winter Wonderland Ball- On December 11, 2015, at 7:30 pm until midnight, you can participate in the most “Anticipated Night of the Gala Season.” Come to the 17th annual WWB, the most fashionable event of its kind during the holiday season. Enjoy gourmet dining, beautiful gowns, and great music. The ball helps to support the Garden’s Children’s Education Programs. Be a part of the energy!

For more information, call: 718.817.8700
The New York Botanical Garden
2900 Southern Boulevard
Bronx, NY 10458-5126 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Marc Lasry: Tips for Entrepreneurial Business

Marc Lasry
Marc Lasry
For those who want to make it in the world of entrepreneurial business, Marc Lasry gives the following tips. He notes that “it’s difficult but through your force of personality or the force of your will you will either make it or not and a lot of that is going to have to do with how talented you are or how good you are relative to who you’re competing against.”  Thus he advises: “it’s never a great time. So if you believe you have something different then do it and you will find out very quickly whether others agree with you.”

Friday, November 6, 2015

Brooklyn Brewery Small Batch Tours Hits the Spot

Not long ago the north side of Brooklyn was not a place people would consider worthy of a visit. It’s old warehouses and intimating streets were more of a deterrent to people not already well-familiar with the neighborhood.

Since those days a lot has happened in Brooklyn. Crumbling, almost deserted areas have burst forth with new life. Brooklyn’s northern corridor is a perfect example, and at the center of this new growth is the Brooklyn Brewery.

The Brewery is at the hub of enormous activity in this revitalized neighborhood. Visitors to the Brewery itself can partake in small batch tours on Mondays through Thursdays at 5 PM sharp. A tour costs $12 and must be booked up to one month in advance, and has only room for the first 30 people that sign up.

The two hour tour offers tastes of four of the Breweries world-class beers; an engrossing history of the establishment; a souvenir glass; and of course and excursion around the Brewery.

Outside the Brewery the neighborhood is exploding with beer bars, music venues, and all kinds of other destinations for a great time.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Russ & Daughters: A Little Bissel of New York City History

Russ & Daughters Appetizers. Photo by Jeffrey Bary
Last year Russ & Daughters celebrated 100 years of supplying high-end smoked fish to its loyal customers. According to Condé Nast Traveler, visiting Russ & Daughters is one of 25 Things You Absolutely, Positively Have to Do in New York City.

Since last May there are now two ways to visit: either check out their shop at 179 East Houston Street, or go for a sit-down dining experience at the newly opened café at 127 Orchard Street.
At the shop customers can purchase fishy favorites such as caviar, smoked/cured salmon, herring and specialty smoked fish like sable and yellow fin tuna. They will deliver anywhere in NYC, and will ship their wares all over the United States.

There is a wonderful history behind the store which follows the path of the more general history of the Jewish experience immigrating to New York and contributing to the exciting development of the city. One tidbit of history is the fact that Russ & Daughters is said to be the first business to incorporate the word “daughters” into its title, in 1933, when it changed its name from J. Russ National Appetizing Store.

According to a New York Times review of the café:
“…Niki Russ Federman and her cousin Josh Russ Tupper, the fourth-generation owners of the family business, have added to, elaborated on and deviated from the store in ways that make the cafe a three-dimensional restaurant, not just a theme-park homage designed to cash in on the original’s popularity.”
See for yourself is this shop and sister restaurant, are not a microcosmic example of what makes New York City a fantastic place to visit.