Sunday, October 30, 2011

Abby Ehrmann to Resurrect East Village Haunts this Halloween

Abby Ehrmann of Click + Drag is joining forces with The Jackie Factory to transform Theatre 80 into a nostalgic “olden-days” music hall. The audience can count on being transported back to a time when performances earned the East Village its disreputable reputation.

During the night, which is dubbed “Ghostlight: The Haunted East Village,” several groups will take the stage in turns, including the Pixie Harlots, Flloyd, Heather Litteer, Poison Eve, the Dueling Bankheads and a cast of others equally frightening.

Abby Ehrmann will play co-host with Paul Alexander and Chi Chi Valenti, assuring guests a spine-tingling good time. The event is not just a great thing to do on Halloween, but a fundraiser for the Howl Emergency Life Project. Tickets are priced at $15, and the show is scheduled for Monday, October 31st, 9pm until 2am.