Sunday, January 29, 2012

Millionaires' Magician at the Waldorf -Astoria

Steve Cohen

New York City is a place where magic is in the air and just about anything is possible. There is no place where this is truer than at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel where Steve Cohen “The Millionaires’ Magician” plies is special art for royalty, celebrities, government officials and a huge assortment of other VIPs.

Calling his performances “Chamber Magic” Cohen recreates the intimate atmosphere of the popular parlor performances which were all the rage in the 19th century. The number of participants is limited, no children are allowed, and while Cohen wears a tux his guests come attired in formal cocktail party garb, keeping the atmosphere sophisticated, lively and intriguing.

Cohen uses the conjurers of the past who entertained only the members of the grand aristocracy, as his model, and chooses the more subtle tricks of the mind to the flashy “lights and whistles” magic of venues such as found in Vegas.

“I don’t do big, flashy magic,” he told The New York Times. “My magic is more of a thinking man’s magic. Most of it happens in your head.”

Cohen often flies from coast to coast on private jets in order to astound the likes of people such as the Queen of Morocco, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, and even Martha Stewart. Woody Allen once said Cohen’s performance is “a religious experience.”

Performances take place at 7pm and 9pm on Friday and Saturday evenings and 2pm on Saturday afternoons. General admission is $75 and front row seating is $100.