Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wild Bird Fund Opens Its Doors on the Upper West Side

If you’re a bird who has fallen on hard times, you’re in luck. A new 1300 square foot upper West Side wildlife rehabilitation and education center has just opened.  Over a decade ago, co-founder of the Wild Bird Fund Rita McMahon started the nonprofit group along with Karen Heidgerd.

Approximately 355 bird species live in New York City or stop their on their way during their migration, and many of these birds get hurt during the flight.  Many birds actually get hurt because of Tanglefoot, a sticky glue that is used in offices to keep birds off of ledges.  As McMahon explained, “It coats their feathers and they get stuck.”

Last year alone, the Wild Bird Fund cared for over 1500 birds and many mammals. It used to be that McMahon and Heidgerd would care for these birds (and turtles, possums and skunks!) in their own apartments. Now, with the rehab center filling, they have a legitimate place to care for the animals.

The Wild Bird Fund is enjoying an open house today from 10-6 at 565 Columbus Avneue at 87th Street.  Learn more about this amazing organization at and help them to raise the funds they need to help our wildlife prosper.